Bible Intake and Preaching to Yourself

As you keep the gospel in view, don’t miss this: God does not intend for the message of the gospel to be cut loose from the Scriptures. Regular Bible intake—whether it’s reviewing memorized Scripture passages, enjoying Bible-infused conversations with fellow believers, or receiving the public preaching of God’s word—serves to shape, strengthen, and sustain your daily preaching of the gospel to yourself. The Scriptures, rightly understood with Jesus at the center, nourish your heart and sharpen your mind, so that you are able to rehearse the truth of the gospel with texture, edge, and definition, with freshness and power.

The message of the gospel is not meant to be something you “get,” carve into canned lines, and tell yourself over and over for a lifetime as some sort of magic mantra to fight sin. God means for you to be regularly pushed and formed, hurt and healed, challenged and encouraged by passages you’ve never heard before, haven’t given enough attention to, or haven’t considered in a while. He means for you to understand even your best-known verses at new depth, and know the power of his grace more deeply, through new applications, as you encounter situations in life you’ve never faced before.

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